Sunday, December 4, 2011

Olympics in London

Olympics in London

Author: Agnes Celina

London is one of the biggest cities of England; it is the busiest place not in England but whole of the world. It is known as the heart of England. Recently they have won the Olympics bid and it is to be held in London from 27th July 2012. London is the only city that will get a chance to hold the Olympics for the 3rd time. They have hosted Olympics before in 1908 and 1948. They won the bid back in 2005 as they defeated Moscow, New York, Paris and other European countries to host these games. They have specially built a stadium in London to host the Olympic Games. They will use a mixture of new and already existing stadiums in the country.

A new stadium known as the ‘Olympic stadium’ is being built in London to host the games to be held in summer. It is the main stadium and will be having a capacity to hold more than 10 million people at a time. Without a doubt it is a very difficult task and requires a lot of effort, the work is going pretty smoothly. It is stated that 10,000 people are being employed and are working at a same time to build this stadium; it is a massive amount of labor to ensure that the task gets complete on time. They are doing the right thing because when you have got such a big event on your hands and the world is watching you there is no room of error. It has mainly hired the local people of London, so these summer Olympics have also helped the labor class of London to decrease unemployment. This is a massive ongoing project in London and this stadium is stated to be the largest site under construction in whole of the Europe so it is quite evident from this fact that this is a huge event that London are hosting.

The London stadium is to be handed over to them by 2011 and London will have one of the biggest stadiums in the world. The best experts of construction are stated to take part in this stadium and the stadium is almost complete with seats all fitted and roof being suspended. The wood work done on the floor is said to be marvelous. Athletes from all over the will be taking place in this event as it is the world’s biggest games event the Olympics 2012. The sale of the tickets for the Olympics to be held in London is to begin by March 2011 and huge tourism rate boost is expected. The price of the ticket will be set later this year but it will surely add a lot to London economically. With the fact given that Olympics are gearing up in London and more tourists will be visiting London to witness this mega event the hotels will also be accommodated and the profits will be raised by great amount. London 2012 Olympic games are going to be massive!


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