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Place For Luxury Brands To Engage During The London Olympics

My Yacht London: A place for luxury brands to engage during the London Olympics

London during the 48th Olympiad is going to be a very busy city.  A huge influx of visitors will have the Capital buzzing for the month surrounding both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and a large portion of those visitors will be looking to spend, not only on Olympic tickets, merchandise and memorabilia but on British and luxury brands.

As an iconic, global event, the Olympics attract to a host nation an unprecedented amount of wealthy visitors who are willing tospend vast amounts of money on experiencing what will be the event of the year, at the highest level and with ultimate VIP treatment.  And these visitors represent the very customers that luxury brands, given lackluster holiday sales and low retail figures, are keen to capture.

What better way to celebrate your favorite sportsperson or your country's win than with a shopping spree at some of London's finest retailers and luxury brands?  No doubt, this is an outcome for which luxury brand retailers are hoping.  Of course, getting these customers into the store, with so many other distractions and events going on, may be tough.

The solution may be to combine the two, letting VIP guests enjoy exclusive televised event viewings while engaging them with bespoke product displays.  The ability to mix with guests in an intimate and luxurious setting, display and potentially sell merchandise and yet still allow guests to watch their favorite event – perhaps while deciding on their purchase of a particular bauble, watch or leatherwear item – provides a unique engagement opportunity.  And given the product displays are on board a 150-foot superyacht moored in the heart of London, at Canary Wharf, 2 miles from the Olympic Park and across the river from numerous Olympic venues like the Excel, O2 and Greenwich, clients experience a wholly-new interaction with these luxury brands.

Similar events at the Monaco Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Art Basel Miami Beach have proven extremely effective and popular with brands ranging from Asprey to Spyker Cars, De Beers to Rolls-Royce and, the advantage of the Olympic Games is a longer duration, of 18 days, allowing for prolonged contact with guests, new selections of merchandise on display and continued brand exposure in a truly unique setting.

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My Yacht London provides a unique hospitality platform at the 2012 London Olympics on board a 150-foot superyacht moored in Canary Wharf, catering to discerning individuals and luxury brand partners seeking a unique way to engage with a highly targeted guestlist.

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