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Five Events See in London 2012 Olympics

5 Events You Must See at the London 2012 Olympics
5 Events You Must See at the London 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games in London is the most highly anticipated sporting event ever to be in held in the UK. The main reason that the games are so highly anticipated by people all around the world is the fact that the quality of competitors is surely the best there has ever been. With the advances in sports science and the move towards professionalism in most sports, the standard of the athletes will ensure a fantastic spectacle. Below are some of the most highly anticipated events.

Athletics - The athletics is probably the event which is most synonymous with the image of the Olympics Games. For many of the events physicality is stripped right down the basics and the competitor is required to simply run or jump. This simple formula is eternally successful and people love to watch the fastest and fittest people on earth compete against each other. The 100 metre sprint is particularly anticipated due to the presence of Usain Bolt, the man who seems capable of breaking the world record each time he runs.

Cycling - The competitive nature of this event is unique from any other sport. For certain events the cyclist cycle in opposite directions and race against the clock in order to establish who has won. The sheer speed of the races and thrill of seeing who will cross the finish line first is impossible to match. There will be much hype around the cycling as Great Britain, the home nation, has achieved good success in the past.

Swimming - The competitors in the swimming event are amongst the fittest athletes in the world. The effort that is required to propel the swimmer through the water combined with the technique which is required to do so effectively is a marvel to watch. The races are head-to-head and fiercely competed, with anyone capable of winning right up to the end.

Marathon - This is the longest race to take place in the Olympics which makes it an intriguing contest. You can spend hours watching the event and marvelling at the strength and stamina of the runners who participate. It is also a great way to view the sights of the city by following the route.

Gymnastics - The moves that gymnasts pull off and the positions in which the competitors put themselves are simply breathtaking. There are only certain people in the world who are capable of competing in these events and the suspense is intense and addictive.

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