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Music Choices for the London 2012 Olympics

Music Choices for the London Summer Olympic Games
Music Choices for the London Summer Olympic Games

The clocks struck midnight on New Year's Eve 2011 and London put on the most amazing firework display in years beating many of the cities around the world who usually take the top spot in the firework display ranking.

The camera shots panned around the incredible city that is London. Fireworks came out of the world famous landmark Big Ben for the first time, as well as from the London Eye, which has been used for fireworks for the past few years. 2012 marks the year the summer Olympics will arrive in London. That was also commemorated in this extraordinary display with the Olympic rings and colours shown in the fireworks.
Music has long been associated with the Olympics. With many months still to go before the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, it remains to be seen (and more over, heard) what, and if, there will be a musical legacy associated with these Summer games. Will there mainly be popular artists such as Leona Lewis and JLS performing, or will there be more classical cross-over ones like Katherine Jenkins or Russell Watson take to the stage? Or, will the 2012 London Olympics bring a British opera singer to the fore?

This was done for the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics when the singer Freddie Mercury of the band Queen recorded the song Barcelona with the professional opera singer, soprano Montserrat Caball, a native of Barcelona, to coincide with the games. In fact, Freddie Mercury wanted to make more than just a song and asked if Caball would be interested in recording an album. She was - and their record, named Barcelona, was an all-time hit.

No matter what the people within the 2012 London Olympics' committee responsible for music and entertainment decide, it will be interesting to see if they decide to opt for an all-time operatic classic or decide to commission a new piece of music. We can be pretty sure that should they pick an opera aria, it will most likely be one that is sung at international opera houses, opera galas, corporate entertainment events and singing waiter performances all around the world. However, should they go for a different option and select a composer to write a new piece of music, it would obviously be a world premiere, and which composer wouldn't want their piece of music broadcast to all corners of the world, and be connected with an Olympic legacy? We will watch with great interest to see what will happen at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

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