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London Olympics 2012 Cycling

London Olympics Cycling
London Olympics Cycling

The 2012 Olympics track cycling events will be held at the Velodrome in the Olympic Park, the nearest entrance to the Velodrome being the North entrance to the park, with Leyton Station being the closest underground tube station.

To the north of Leyton is Epping station which is the north-eastern terminus of the Central Line. New visitors to this area might like to know that Epping Forest is the largest public open space in the London area, at almost 6,000 acres. The reason Epping Forest is so important today as an open space and forest so close to London is that in 1878 Acts of Parliament were passed entrusting the care of the Forest to the City of London and appointing the City as the Conservator of the Forest. It still governs how it is managed today.
The Northern Spectator Transport Mall is closest to the North entrance of the Olympic Park and has park and ride facilities. It is also close to the London 2012 has a showing the Olympic Park layout.

The Olympic track cycling events take place from Thursday 2 August 2012 to Tuesday 7 August 2012 with 5 events for women and 5 for men. In total 10 medal events.

Other than the track cycling at the 2012 London Games there are two road cycling events, road racing,one for men (240 km and one for women (14 km) and a time trial (44 km for men and 29 km for women).
The road races will start in London at The Mall, passing through the city and over The Thames via Putney Bridge. Then on through Richmond Park to Hampton Court Palace, into Surrey and Box Hill and finally back to The Mall.

The time trials will include area of Richmond, Surrey and Kingston-upon-Thames and are to be held on 1st August 2012. The road race will be held on 28 July 2012.

Paralympic Cycling events are to be held from Wednesday 5 September to Saturday 8 September 2012 and there are 32 medal events with 155 men athletes and 70 women athletes over both road and track events.

In addition to the above both Mountain Biking and BMX events.
BMX - 2 medal events over an outdoor track in The Olympic Park to be held on 8 to 10 August 2012 with 48 athletes.

Mountain Biking - held away from the Olympic Park at Hadleigh Farm Essex on 11 and 12 August. 80 men and 30 women athletes competing in 2 medal events.

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