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London 2012 Olympics : Olympics Year Offers a Sporting Feast for Soccer Fans

British Sports in 2012 - Olympics Year Offers a Sporting Feast for Soccer Fans
British Sports in 2012 - Olympics Year Offers a Sporting Feast for Soccer Fans

2012 will without doubt be massive year for sport and a massive year for Sport in the UK in particular. London will understandably be the central focus of what is sure to be an unforgettable 12 months but there really is a bucketful of sport to enjoy and write about in 2012.

For sports fans, Olympic years or those with a major sporting event in them are always a particular highlight and for those who love to write about sport, either as a hobby for a personal blog or website or professionally as a journalist they can be a veritable feast!

The Olympic Games in London will keep many fingertips busy on keyboards not only up and down the country but across the world as athletes from many nations compete at the pinnacle of their careers. For many it's about gold, silver or bronze but for others is simply about being there.

How will the Olympic Soccer shape up and what sort of team will team GB eventually field? Will there be Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish players lining up alongside their English counterparts or will political pressures mean that we see effectively a young and inexperienced England team take to the field?
Will former England captain, David Beckham, as is widely expected lead team GB into battle? Many believe this would indeed be a fitting way to bring down the curtain on a glittering career.

On the subject of football, during the build up to Olympics 2012, there will be the small matter of Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine to deal with. Sixteen teams from around Europe hoping to lift the coveted trophy with England and the Republic of Ireland included.

Will England have done enough in their first 2 games for Wayne Rooney to still have an impact on the tournament when he returns from his 2 match suspension? Can Spain win their third major tournament in a row or will there be a surprise package?

Before all of that of course, there will be the culmination of another Premier League season. Can Manchester United retain their title or will neighbours Man City steal the thunder? Can Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs or Liverpool put a sustained run together to challenge either of them?

If you love sport and you love soccer, perhaps there has never been a better time than 2012 to take a course in sports journalism and write passionately about the events you love!

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